Into The Deeps
created by DangerSwitch!
produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson
directed by Eddie DeHais and Alyza DelPan-Monley

Join DANGERSWITCH!, Seattle's wildest physical theatre ensemble, as they dive deep into the depths of the ocean. Merging dance, clown, and design with their special blend of macabre hilarity, this play will investigate political and socio-economic structures to create a hilarious, weird, and gut-wrenching spectacle.

GENERATING ENSEMBLE: Joe Cummings, Eddie DeHais, Liv Fauver, Lauren Linder, Jackie Miedema, Sabina Moe, Jordan Moeller, Carter Rodriguez, Nick Spencer, Jessica Stepka

Director - Eddie DeHais & Alyza DelPan-Monley
Stage Manager - Cassie Lorene Bray
Lighting Designer - Emily Leong
Costume Designer - Fantasia Rose
Makeup Designer - Nick Spencer
Sound Designer - Dana Amromin
Scenic/Props Designer - Eddie DeHais
Assistant Scenic Designer - Lenny Urbanowski
Fight Choreographer - Ryan Higgins and Table Flip


Behind This Door, Beside This Lamp

Seattle International Dance Festival, 2016

Raisbeck Hall

Dancers: Owen David, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Lorraine Lau, Alysha Shroff, Jan Trumbauer

Three parts obstacle course, two parts dancer board game, and a surprise cactus that showed up to burst your bubbles, this dance was an exploration of tangents, letting the next moment spill out from where we were to somewhere we sometimes didn’t know we were headed.


Produced by On the Boards as part of their new Solo Festival of Dance.

fall is a solo that I choreographed, which was performed three different nights, in three variations, by three different performers - Liv Fauver, Nabilah Ahmed and myself. This method explores how the form of a solo can exist in the content of the movement, but can also be embodied anew by different performers, similar to how a monologue or song maintains its form and yet completely transforms with a different soloist.

fall examines is a thought that never hits the ground, exploring the word fall. We are constantly falling. We spring forward and fall back. We fall asleep. We witness empires and markets fall into crisis or ruin. We sky-dive, in pursuit of the bliss of free-falling. Things fall into our hands. We fall in love. We fall short of expectations. Our jokes fall flat. Falling catches us at our moments of triumph and failure. In journeying through these different experiences, I hope to remind us that if not for falling, we might never fly.

 A string falls down for what seems like eternity

Hourglass, the act of falling tells time’s progress

Pendulum swings steady meter

I can peer at my feet to my reflection and my reflection to the sky

Through a tunnel I arrive at my solitude, alone

Two hands shadowed against a curtain of light

A ring of tiny moments sand pebbles into gesture

My eyes in the light

A string inches and creeps, tracing the inevitable, the rise and fall

I stand in the shade facing the rest, waiting

All five hold on all hold and all hang over

I reflect myself, a many limbed illusion

Hydrangeas dropped with color time and sun drying away

Undress myself to stay at the sky longer

The view of highways on my side

Catch me midfall

Myself, suspended sideways

Four limbs leaping

The legend of the person perched on the mountaintop

They took the world - this world - every paper, every thing we know and snipped it apart till it was just tiny pieces, indivisible, just its elementals. And from a pile below the world was bred anew, with possibilities it had always possessed but never considered

To be rained on by time, hand outstretched beyond the umbrella, droplets trickle between your fingers

Fall into a wall into your shadow

A continued rebuilding of the possible

Lay yourself on your lower selfs

Suspended by strings - can you pull away and fall without leaving the ground?

Lay it on your face/ bury yourself

Lay yourself again on top of yourself

Drops push into the water and erupt a circle around, reaching upward

The light from the window is warped, the glass drips downward

I fall

I reach suspension, wind in my face, my face in a fan

I throw you in the air

I suspend myself on the…

My arms outstretched, I walk the narrow line - a row behind me follows my lead

My hand has found the light

I dive in, fingers first, the last you see is my wiggling toes

I scale the telephone pole - imagining myself the midpoint connecting you to you, a teetering connection, distance muffles our communication

In my palms, safeguarded, there is a window I can sneak through

Jumping upside down

Our hair drifting downwards as our bodies are pulled up

Have you ever watched a basketball bounce while laying sideways, tricking your brain to see the vertical without the logic of gravity. absurdly diminishing rhythms. Why don’t we laugh at this more often?

Pigeons, one on each step, tombe pas de birds, tombe morte

On the stairs, each step, remembered

The spirit of the stairs, not forgetting

All these buildings full of elevators pointing towards the sky. In them, business folk in jet backs, heading to the moon and stars.

Imagine downtown, if the skyscrapers had no frames, the offices had no floors, the cubicles had no walls. Imagine you could see right through each building. Downtown, business folks, sitting suspended mid-air at staggering heights, far away from any earthworms, so high in the sky, slogging through their mundane mondays, doodle polls, and excels

A book pages itself open to its inner moments. If you could fall open into your random chapters, and let me read you.

Let it fall open again and again, thoughts transcribed into material objects that can be rifled through with our fingers

We go sledding in our tubs, down the stairs, gaining speed, our cheeks flying backwards

A new moment, delicate string all around my finger

Ask your vision to blur with a rapid shake of the head

On a swing, fly off

your nerves will follow, they are contained

Negative space

A precipice

In a void, it feels like stillness

Limbs floating towards where you came from

In an avalanche you can trust your own spit to fall downward

There are many ways to balance on the wires

Most ways i fear

How far can i lean over before nausea arrives

Many hands to my left, some to applaud, to push, to guide to catch my fall

Birds take me on your migration

My featherless wings outstretched

An upside down mountain of light, what does it take to step into the shadow

I am a mound, I am a mountain, I am a pile on piles of things piling on top of pillars of piles

The thickness of water, I climb amidst the resisting molecules

To be thrown in the air, like a child erupting in giggles

Our two sets of feet dangling together above whatever is below

I’m at the base of a ladder, I reach upward, I cannot see where the ascent will go

In the swimming pool, the reflection of the wall

Pitch black, my finger tentatively approaches the lightbulb

At 90 degrees we can make the corners that contain

Looking up at everyone looking down at you

Before the sunsets, our shadows stretch us along the earth, we can reach further right before we set

Could the helicopters wrap the dinosaurs and migrate them away from their doom

Duck and cover drills, we never prepare enough

School drills, we need to learn to flip, to leap, to soar to fly

Archways reflecting towards each other, one exists through touch and one only through sight

From the right vantage, we can see them in a pensive moment, or many moments layed along each other through time

Hang every bit of everything on a wall, each moment of each thing, photograph it, frame it, hang it on a wall, hang it on the other hangings on the wall, suspend it in time and space, so that it is not fleeting

In synchronicity, hold it up and hold yourself up to it, when you let go, let it be that of a high diver, using the height as space for their body to travel in a unique journey from here to there

The shows are just cutouts, the light casting a story on the fabric i laid out, wringing it out to squeeze the light out into a tie-dyed pattern

The trees organizes their leaves into patterns below, the leaves try to blanket themselves over the entire perimeter

Wind blows a few astray

Unlucky and lucky, depending

Balance scaffolding on my shoulders

A room built by boxes, incomplete

Unfold this paper, each facet, a foot, a wrist, elbows, knees, thighs

Fringe in the wind, tickling my face

In the fall, I drape a blanket on the tree, and they billow in the wind, catching the air

Large clumps of long lined figures

Found in a corner, light catches the colors, painting each wall and angle varied

Clean edges of ourselves, smooshed and blurred where we come in contact

Falling into one another, our own gravitational pulls

I melt into a chair, and slink down the edges, pouring myself like taffy into the ground

The billowing fabric i bundle and release into the wind, a parachute billowing in the clouds

In the middle of the rows and rows of nothing, something grows upward


Draping over

Behind the curtain

Obscured by the thin veneer

Obscured by sunglasses, by hair hanging down over the face

Obscured by a hundred hundreds of yellow wings catching the sunlight and fluttering to kiss your nose

Diving through the sky, dreaming of swimming through the air

One leg, one arm, draped through a hole in the wall

Inhale and exhale through the palm to inflate the rest of it

Reflect what we can already see

Reflect what we would have never known was there, a secret hidden

Tuck yourself in, into your shirt, your shirt into your pants, your pants into your shoes

Your shadow waits at the surface, it’ll be there when you’re ready

Trace yourself to keep your balance

Dip your finger to your finger

Dip your chin to your chin

Drop your laundry down the chute, drop yourself down the chute and land on the piles of socks

Spine and hands curled a self implosion

Wrist swinging, a gentle explosion

Stretch your sleeve and lean, a challenge of suspension

Blow a bubble so big that it can encompass all of you

Float your chest to the sky

Float your collarbone to the sky

Float your nose to the sky

Float your chin upwards

Your throat, your knee

Your fingertip

Your sternum

Float yourself upwards, and forget to fall.

Forget gravity’s tug

Forget the tug of forces that we think are so constantly true, solid and permanent

Float upward


























and then


This That & The Other - an evening of performances produced by Elby Brosch, Liz Houlton and Alyza DelPan-Monley

()elp is a joke without a punchline, spawning from an attempt to capture subjective experiences, weaving ideas into a tangle of attainable somethingness.

In the search for ways to express within limits of language, we find ourselves in a strange terrain, where each individual performs and externalized expression of words. To learn the language, one must converse with, play with and get to know the words personified. As you grow up, you begin to mold yourself into the word that best expresses what’s inside of you. On a rare occasion, a person may search for the word inside of them, and having never seen this word externalized, chooses to make a brand new word. 

For Me, From Me

Getting along with others has always been easier than getting along with myself, so now seemed like the perfect time to get to it and duet. 

This piece was spawned out of necessity. I needed to make this piece for my own self-inquiry on what it takes to sustain self-care and self-love. It balances the eye-rolling ridiculousness of self-help advice with the truly valuable journey of reflecting inwards.