Never have I seen a performer who is so versatile and yet so distinctly herself as Alyza. From over-the-top humor to the subtlest of performances, her talent and technique are equally matched with exuberance and presence. Alyza’s energy infuses a room with elegance, love, and probably glitter. This energy extends to her effervescent works, unmistakable for their unabashed joy and keen artistic perspective. She is 100% magic.
— Kaitlin McCarthy, Dance Artist, Seattle Dances writer
Alyza’s technical prowess, comedic timing, and open heart make her performances a surprising delight to witness. Her goofy attitude, positive spirit, and patience make her a joy to work with!
— Tootsie Spangles- Performance artist, Artistic Director of The Libertinis

Alyza DelPan-Monley (she/they) is a Seattle-based dancer and choreographer, seeking to brighten her surroundings with splashes of whimsy, human connection and goofy possibilities. She loves dancing in every context and is always excited to find the unexpected places dance can show up or the synthesis that happens when you begin with movement as your access point. Known for their quirky non-sensical non-sequiturs and character-ridden theatrics, Alyza believes that dance can burst bubbles and repurpose awkward into awesome.