Spin the Bottle - 60 Seconds Max!

Zane and I just finished making our mix for our 60 Second long piece for Spin the Bottle! May the song give you some clues as to what we will be performing!!! :p

Sixty Seconds Max, like any other holiday, only happens once a year. But unlike any other holiday, it's not actually a holiday, but a wild mashup of breakneck speed, fast-paced theatre. It's not just SPIN THE BOTTLE--where you never know what to expect from the performers as they bring you a taste of burlesque or spoken word or music--it's a version of SPIN THE BOTTLE where every performer only has sixty seconds to perform.

That's right, each act is one. minute. short.

As ever, this beloved holiday-not-holiday is hosted by BRUCE HALL.

Don't miss it!

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